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Austrian Environmental Conference

In May this year, I felt incredibly lucky to be asked to photograph the Indus Basin Knowledge Forum just outside Vienna, Austria. Whilst I am passionate about the environment and try to be as informed as I can, I know I don’t know anywhere near enough!  Being part of this four day event was not only amazingly informative, I had an absolute blast meeting some of the most incredible delegates and speakers attending, including scientists, policy officials and business people/funders. The forum was an incredibly important gathering of officials from countries all affected by the river and its tributaries, with them working towards global collaboration to ensure the river can benefit the population in each country – and positively impact livelihoods.

Despite having my camera in their faces for four days straight, the attendees were incredibly friendly, patient and made me laugh constantly. I made some friends (whom I remain in touch with, including a brilliant UN videographer!) and couldn’t believe the beauty of the building we were working in – which was a technical challenge in itself due to being unbelievably grand with an entire cyclical room being backlit! One of my favourite parts of this job is meeting people and building relationships with people I photograph. This really helps me to be able to capture natural images I really enjoy taking (especially when faced with a 90-person strong group photo and needing to both manage and make a crowd smile!).

Thank you so much to IIASA for the opportunity, I loved every minute!

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